If you are looking to purchase a wheelchair van in North Carolina or South Carolina, Ilderton Conversion Company is your answer. There are both new and used vans available from a large number of different makes, which means you will be able to find exactly what works for your unique circumstance.

What Kind of Wheelchair Van Selection is Available with Ilderton?

There are a large number of conversion vans available at Ilderton Conversion Company. While the locations always have changing inventories, you will find various vans from Chrysler, Dodge, Ford, Honda, Mercedes-Benz, Ram and Toyota. Different models within these makes have unique features, so you can browse through and see what meets your needs or ask a team member to help find what fits your priorities. Various amenities are what make Ilderton conversion vans so great. You will find features such as lowered floors, automatic fold-out ramps and removable front seats. There are also various operational switches and wheelchair tie-down points available. Floors made of rubber are great for grip. You can even have custom ground effects that have an integrated step. As you can see, the teams have really made it their goal to fit your needs and make transportation much easier. In addition to all of the unique van conversion features, these vans are also great vehicles. If entertainment features are important to you, there are many options to look through. There are some vans with great clearance if you want to go on some more wild roads to take you and your crew to amazing natural locations.

Where Are Ilderton Conversion Company’s Locations?

Ilderton Conversion Company has locations across the Carolinas. In North Carolina, you can visit a showroom in Asheville, Charlotte, and High Point. In South Carolina, your options are Charleston and Myrtle Beach. This makes the search for the perfect vehicle even easier. Access to vans across the Carolinas means that mobility and freedom are as close as ever. Having the right vehicle for your needs is a great step to improving your quality of life. Working with the team at Ilderton is worry-free, as customer satisfaction is always the priority. When it comes to buying a wheelchair van, there are often many questions. The team is ready to answer anything, from what a proper service schedule looks like to what the major differences are between various vans for sale. You can even buy a new wheelchair accessible van from the comfort of your home and we’ll drop it off, right to your house. Reach out today and see how you can find the perfect wheelchair conversion van for you.
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