Ilderton Conversion Company carries a full line of driving aids including hand controls and foot controls from Sure-Grip and Mobility Products & Design (MPD) that can be installed in almost any vehicle at any of our three locations.

 Sure Grip Push/Twist

The Sure Grip Push/Twist control uses a motorcycle style acceleration with an auxiliary handle that makes the twisting motion easier and allows for longer, more comfortable driving.
 MPD Classic 3500

The Mobility Product & Design (MPD) Classic 3500 hand control has been a long-time favorite.  It is available with a straight handle or offset handle as well as a knob grip or foam grip
 Sure-Grip spinner knob

The Sure-Grip spinner knob has a patented clam shell design that fits most all steering wheels and will not leave permanent damage.  Available in Black, Grey, and Wood-Grain.
Sure-Grip Push/Pull

The Sure Grip Push/Pull hand control uses the same movement to apply the gas and brake as other Push/Pull controls; however the pivot point for the Sure Grip control is on the left-hand side of the wheel close to the handle, this allows for a shorter stroke and greater leverage. This will benefit the driver with less strain on fingers and thumb, flexible hand positions for lower fatigue and cramping while driving and the ability for both hands to keep contact with the steering wheel.
 Sure-Grip Push/Rock

The Sure-Grip push/rock hand control is known for having the easiest gas in the industry allowing for hours of fatigue free driving. The Sure-Grip system was designed to give drivers the benefit of controlling a vehicle with both hands on the wheel making for a safer, smoother driving experience.
 Sure-Grip Push Right/Angle

The Sure Grip Push Right/Angle's body doesn't pivot or move when the accelerator is applied. The pivot point for the Sure Grip control is on the left-hand side of the wheel, and only the handle pivots. It allows for increased leg room for getting in and out of the vehicle, full acceleration without the control hitting the drivers lap and greater two-handed contact with the steering wheel due to the shortened stroke of the handle.