Park Smart

A Game Changing Parking Solution for Wheelchair Users

Vantage Mobility International (VMI), a leading manufacturer of wheelchair accessible vehicles (WAVs), has revealed its revolutionary ParkSmart™ technology. ParkSmart™ is the industry's first integrated vehicle sensor designed to let other drivers and individuals know when they create an obstruction to a wheelchair users' vehicle, preventing access to or deployment of the user's wheelchair ramp.

How it Works

ParkSmart™ is a built-in sensor that is easily activated by the vehicle owner as needed. When the sensor is turned on, it activates within 30 seconds after all doors are closed, scanning for objects placed within 8 feet of the parked accessible vehicle. If an obstruction is detected, a friendly warning can be heard, which states "Excuse me! You're blocking entry to this wheelchair accessible vehicle. Could you please move the vehicle or object so the owner can access their vehicle? Thank you so much!"

The alert system will repeat three times and has multiple measures to enable battery conservation. ParkSmart™ was also designed to avoid activating the alert when the vehicle is in drive mode.

Understanding Challenges and Designing Innovative Solutions

Getting blocked in by a vehicle that's parked too close or an object that's placed next to a parked accessible vehicle is a common issue for wheelchair users. "We strive to understand the challenges that our customers face whenever we embark on new product innovations," Said Mark Shaughnessy, CEO of Vantage Mobility International. "Our goal is to solve for the problems that create challenges for customers. This approach to designing wheelchair accessible vehicles is what sets VMI apart from other manufacturers." ParkSmart is an industry first and not available from any other conversion manufacturers in the mobility industry. ParkSmart is available in VMI Honda Odyssey, Toyota Sienna and Chrysler Pacifica wheelchair vans with Nothstar® in-floor ramp systems as a standard feature.

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Information provided by Vantage Mobility International