The #PriusPrime looking sleek during this morning's reveal. #NYIAS

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What's all that buzz about regarding Toyota and Prius Prime? Hopefully we can answer some of your questions. First things first, Toyota unveiled three new cars this morning at the New York Auto Show. Included in this reveal was the 2017 Prius Prime, which claims an efficiency figure of 120 miles-per-gallon-equivalent--or more--making it the highest MPGe rating of any plug-in hybrid vehicle.

You may be wondering if the Prius Prime is an EV or Hybrid? The answer is both. This, of course, is especially appealing to those who wish to reduce their trips to the pump, while also decreasing their carbon footprint. When it comes to technology, the 2017 Prius Prime proves it’s a latest generation model as it's equipped with the Entune system and is made available through an 11.6-inch HD tablet display. Other note-worthy features include available Intelligent Parking Assist, spacious cabin, and its reinvented exterior. To learn more about the Prius Prime and its features, contact our showroom by calling 855-445-3378

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