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Safety Equipment

Safety Equipment

Our basic safety kit includes a floor-mounted 5 lb. fire extinguisher, first aid kit and a web cutter. Reflective triangles and emergency road flares are also available, as well as backup alarms, backup warning sensors, etc. (Some state DOT regulations have specific safety requirements. Your MobilityWorks sales representative can help).

Oxygen Tank Holders

Our universal oxygen tank holder accommodates tanks of all sizes. Single and dual tank holders for D & E cylinders are also available.

Wheelchair Storage

Our custom foldaway wheelchair storage allows you to safely stow your folding wheelchair; and flips up against the wall when not in use. This frees up valuable floor space for wheelchair passenger transport in your ambulette.

Stretcher/Gurney Equipment

For situations when your passenger must be transported in a prone position, quick-release Ferno or Stryker cot mounts increase the flexibility of your fleet vehicle. Our wall-mounted cot storage rack allows you to store your cot when not in use.

Modesty Panels

Modesty panels can be strategically placed to ensure passenger comfort and privacy.

Door Grabbers

Hook-and-cable door grabbers are standard on side-lift applications. Friction fit door grabbers are standard on rear-lift applications, and are an available option at the side door location.

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